Ventilation Strategies


Application of the right exhaust technology for mining is not an exception in quarries, tunnels, or mines. With the help of high-pressure axial fans, you can easily blow into the tunnels and the ducts. For more comfortable working, application of the exhaust technology for mining plays an essential role in maintaining air flow into the mine.


Underground ventilation plays a vital role since it dictates the safety of the workers working in underground conditions. This ventilation is essential because of the poor air quality in the underground and the contained atmosphere. There is a need to control emissions resulting from the mining process on time since failure to do this will put the lives of employees working in the underground conditions at risk.


Release of gases is also a common issue in the underground conditions. These gases result directly from blasting, machinery exhaust fumes, and combustion. This effect means that there are copious amounts of hydrocarbons and methane produced in the process. There are high chances for this issue to lead to an explosion or displace the supply of oxygen in the underground conditions.


Usually, blasting fumes comprises nitrogen and many more hydrocarbons, which cause depletion of oxygen supply. Therefore, an adequate amount of ventilation is essential in underground conditions. Workers must ensure this before returning to the mining work.

Ventilation For Mines


Generally, primary ventilation for mines comes with a variety of ventilation circuits. For the case of the secondary ventilation, it entails ventilation provision to the service facilities available in the mine. Any management must ensure that there is the right ventilation for the mine. To make this possible, they need to position the regulators, fans, air doors, and stoppings well.


The primary circuit for mine is the flow of via through the ventilation. Usually, the air gets its access to the mine via the shafts. From this point, the air gets circulated into every corner of the mine by using ramps and raises. Also, the permanently mounted fans play an essential role in controlling the air flow. Sometimes, these fans push fresh air into the mines, hence application of the mining exhaust technologies.


For the provision of proper ventilation, a sufficient volume of air must be available in the mine. This point explains the reason for electrical energy application in the mine. This energy should be at such a level whereby oxygen available in the mine is over 19% as carbon dioxide is not over 0.5%.


Also, professional engineers need to decide the correct volume of air required for the ventilation of the mines. Other than this, the law and regulation committee also outlines the minimum requirements to be met. For the case where the amount of ventilation reads below the recommended level, then the mining company ensure that the air quality is maintained at the required level by the application of different exhaust technologies.


For the areas experiencing a temperate climate, it is essential to warm the ventilated air before circulating it in the mine. By doing this, the mining company will make the underground condition more hospitable for those working in the mine. Other than this, ventilation is essential sometimes to cool hot air resulting from the mining process. In conclusion, the latest exhaust technology for mining is crucial to both the workers and the mine itself.

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