The 4 WD is wonderful for long excursions and explorations. However, it’s always necessary to be equipped with the right kind of recovery system. This is because such a system could help you or a friend get out of a fix much faster without causing as little damage to the vehicle as possible.

With a 4 WD winch, you always have an option of taking less explored routes without having to worry a great deal about safety. This is why it’s essential to selecting the correct 4×4 winch which is compatible with your vehicle.

By keeping the following tips in mind you can select the right kind of winch for your vehicle.

The capacity of the winch

  • It is essential to know the exact capacity of the 4WD winch that you are purchasing.
  • The capacity depends on the first layer of the cable.
  • In other words, you need to make sure that you have a winch which can support at least eight times the weight of your 4 WD.
  • If you aren’t sure about the weight of your 4 WD, you can go online and take a look at a chart which gives the weight of different 4 WD’s

Choose a winch with good pulling power but one which isn’t too heavy

A common misconception is that buying a winch with a bigger power capacity is good enough. After all, you must be assuming that the winch that can pull the right amount of weight is just what you would need. However, it should be kept in mind that winch would be sitting right in front of the vehicle. One which is too heavy would only hinder the steering capacities of your 4 WD and also make driving in tight spots a tad too difficult.

A winch which is too big can also cause an adverse effect on the battery. A winch which is too big may easily pull you out of trouble but it can flatten your battery pretty quick.

Portable 4 WD winches

While 4 WD winches are always a great option, if you can’t be too bothered, you could always invest in a portable winch. You could simply stow it at the back of the car. Another advantage is that it won’t be hanging right in front of the vehicle or hindering your 4 WD driving experience.

This also means that the winch is not exposed continuously to the elements this means less maintenance and upkeep of the winch. Plus you can also hand over the portable winch to friends who are going on excursions on challenging routes.

You need to get a winch which helps you make the most of your driving experience. Anything which is too technical or high powered can hinder the driving experience. After all, you are looking for a smooth and comfy ride. A winch which is well balanced for your vehicle is exactly what you should be looking for.

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